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mark ronson om att jobba med miley

Från Official Charts- caught up with Mark about the track, sharing that the idea to collaborate with Miley came back in 2015, after he saw her performance of Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover on Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary show.

"Her voice, that gravel and baritone, that huskiness, my jaw was on the floor," he said. "I had my manager reach out to her but we never hooked up. Then a few months ago I sent a little idea for the chorus of this song and she wrote write back." 

Since recording the song, which includes lyrics about a house burning down, Miley's home in Malibu was devastated by forest fires. Following what Mark described as an "odd" coincidence, he praised her outlook on life: "She is such a positive person. She’s like the phoenix. I’m sure she’s going to build a beautiful house with all her pigs and dogs and she’ll turn it into something magical.”


Från BBC-


The lead taster track is the futuristic country-tinged Nothing Breaks Like A Heart featuring Cyrus - whose most recent album Younger Now saw her reclaim her folksy Tennessee roots which preceded her current status as a pop superstar.

"It wasn't an intentional thing," says Ronson of the chugging country disco beat and acoustic guitar riff. "I heard the drawl in her voice and the twang when I saw her live on SNL (Saturday Night Live). My jaw dropped and I became super-fixated about being able to work with her.

"But we weren't trying to make a Western song. I think with Miley, just the way she wrote the verses and the way the melody came out, came naturally."



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